What is Wellness?

What is wellness? Well, the beautiful thing about wellness is that it encompasses a multitude of different practices and states of living, mind, and nourishment. There are so many ways to define wellness, based on what is unique to your needs and wellbeing.

From my wellness coaching background, perspective, and personal life experience; I define wellness in terms of a whole picture of health with these main 3 pillars:

  • healthy mind: positive thoughts, trying to put forward positive energy, learning about how you think and process and understanding and loving yourself
  • healthy body: nourishing your body with real, whole, healthy foods. Staying active with exercises and activities that energize you, relieve your stress, get your heart rate up and your blood flowing throughout your entire body
  • healthy life: stable relationships with family, friends, and significant others, showing gratitude and love to them, humanity, being compassionate, kind and patient