Quick tips

Quick tips for everyday wellness


Workday walk/break along the beautiful Charles River


  1. Make time in the morning: Early to rise, greet and embrace the day! Make time for yoga/stretching/meditation, make time to prepare & cook breakfast, snacks and lunches for home or to go. Making time in the morning prepares you to take on the day solid and strong.
  2. Pack healthy snacks: handful of raw nuts, sliced fruit and veggies, whole grain crackers, having healthy snacks packed in your bag will allow you to overcome urges for quick, unhealthy food during the day when you know you already have a healthy snack ready.
  3. Be conscious of your activity! Whether you are a walker, runner, yogi, cyclist, intramural dodge ball fanatic, whatever- be conscious of putting activity into your everyday. If you don’t have time for an organized gym session or run, make a conscious effort to take a walk, to get outside and be active.
  4. Include partners & friends in wellness activities: what better way to get your daily steps by taking an evening walk with your loved one? Or going to a yoga class with a good friend? Including others in your wellness activities makes it more enjoyable for both and you get to spend quality time together.
  5. Sleep, sleep, sleep: Some of the many, many benefits of a good night’s sleep include- better brain function, better digestion, relaxed and rested body, etc for some of the more obvious ones, but how easy we forget and a few days or even weeks of sleep deprivation actually can slow down your metabolism and put you into “conserve/hibernation” mode. I know, I know, it’s really hard to sometimes get those 7-8 hours, but better sleep yields better wake up times, and a real body re-set and re-charge that you need every day.