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Thanks so much for visiting my site, let me tell you a little about me and Well and the City. I’m both a mountain girl & city girl at heart, and I challenge myself every day to find the balance in health, wellness, and daily living. Being a Bostonian for the past 8 years, I so admire the city’s spectacular culture, beauty, and people, I am inspired every single day. We all know that city living means I find myself constantly on the go. As life gets more hectic and demanding, it can sometimes be challenging to make sound health and wellness decisions on a daily basis, in such an fast-paced environment. This is why I created Well and the City.

As a wellness coach, I truly believe that everyone can use more wellness guidance in their lives.  Healthy, happy bodies & minds lead to healthy & happy lives!  I hope you find Well and the City to be the perfect guide, inspiration, and motivation be healthier, happier and well! I love to hear from you, please send me your thoughts, questions and ideas on health, wellness and active living. If you are interested in my Wellness Coaching services, check out my contact page. *Please note that all articles, thoughts and opinions are my own, based from my own experiences and research unless I cite otherwise. Cheers!


MA Psychology
Certified Wellness Coach


Craft coldbrew & pistachio pastry in hand


Some quick facts about me 😉
1. I am kind of obsessed with all things craft coffee, earl grey, lemon, fig, & peanut butter (I attribute the coffee obsession to my mama who is forever looking for “a good cup of coffee”)
2. A run along the Charles river is my happy place
3. Colorado will always be home
4. Main mantra #1: MODERATION is the key to balance and keeping your sanity
5. Main mantra #2: “In the end, only 3 things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you”
6. Two main inspirations in my life are my amazing husband and my beautiful sister

p.s. for all things running/training related, please check out my original blog! A running blog at http://www.ifartlek.com






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  1. Hi Inbar! I live in Boston (I go to Northeastern) and I adore your blog & Instagram. Thanks for writing such a great list of active things to do in the city; I’m always looking for new ideas. Hope you have a lovely day!

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