The third tri


The Third trimester: more of the good, bad and the ugly/wonderful as I venture through this last phase of pregnancy…

Week 28 – So I am 28 weeks on Feb 28!! We – have- arrived! The THIRD trimester! I honestly did not think we would get here… this pregnancy has felt so long, but it’s mainly because I just want to hold this little baby and know she’s ok, at the same time, I am so grateful. I have my second glucose test tomorrow- the 3 hour one, so I’m kind of nervous for that… but also feel more calm in that I will just take it as it is. The amazing news is, that my most wonderful hubs booked us a babymoon to San Diego and Carlsbad. 5 days of relaxation, beautiful hotels, sunshine, and quality time spent together. I couldn’t be more excited! Discovered bra extenders… life is changed forever 🙌🏼 why didn’t I think about about these earlier on??
Also, I got the results of my 3-hr glucose test and passed with flying colors! So so relieved…

Week 29 – Little lady spent the whole first day of 29 weeks kicking or punching or jabbing or karate chopping like crazy at work! It made me almost laugh out loud, but also of course was so precious. We flew to San Diego today and I was really nervous about the flight but she did good! Now for our babymoon to relax and enjoy 💕 definitely watching my sugar intake after that “almost- glucose fail,” but I know it’s good to keep an eye regardless. So hello full fats and low sugar 🙌🏼 Babymoon was really wonderful, we went to San Diego, Carlsbad, La Jolla, and Newport Beach. We relaxed, ate a lot of good food, saw a lot of beautiful sights and just enjoyed ourselves.
I am definitely feeling very pregnant, my back hurts if I stand for too long without moving, and also still have bad mornings of knee, hip and sitbone joint pain after waking up and needed to ice a couple of days this week. In other news, there was a huge winter storm in Boston canceling our flight back and allowing us an extra day in Carlsbad… but I am SO not complaining! Also we did a maternity photo shoot on the beach in Carlsbad and I can’t wait to see how they turned out ♥️

Week 30 – It’s the 10 week countdown!! And today we fly back from San Diego. I am a little nervous to be going back at 30 weeks but I am so so glad we got to go away. I feel ready to buckle down, get the house organized, buy more things for the baby, get my hospital bag ready, etc. I literally feel like I can’t eat anymore… I’m always full. Maybe my body is telling me to finally slow down?? 😂 Definitely feeling emotional, tears come easily but I’m not sad, just connected to emotions more than I’ve been lately. Lower back pain has been a bit more prominent, especially at the end of the day, or if I’m standing/walking right after eating.
Little lady is moving all the time, and does this thing where she pokes right under my rib cage and it tickles… haha otherwise just feeling grateful for feeling mostly good these days!

Week 31 – I see and read all of these birth stories. REAL stories. And I think how silly we are, to already try to plan our “bounce back” body before the baby has even arrived safely. Our society and culture of pressure, it’s fucking hard to be a woman, a mother, everything. I’m grateful for this experience, and I want to love my body for it. Ugh… heartburn…

Week 32 – Did I sprout extra bump-ness and back pain overnight? Yes, yes I did 🙈 also hard to believe that I can still grow! #bellysobig all day every day… feeling this little lady squirm and push herself around, but it’s all magical ✨ reflecting a lot on where I was a year ago… how much difference a year can make.

Week 33 – This week has been not great. I got a crazy bout of vertigo this week, I have never experienced it before. Apparently, my midwife says it’s probably not pregnancy related, but has still made everything difficult this week. Baby’s still been moving a lot which is good, but I’ve had to miss most of this week of work. The only thing I can do is wait it out, so fingers crossed it passes soon.
Vertigo has lasted the full week, slowly had started to improve but I’ve had to miss work and be super low key- my body telling me to slow down?? Who knows… counting down to official week 34 🤞🏼

Week 34 – The great news is that the vertigo is getting much better! Hallelujah!! 🙌🏼 I still have it but it’s way way better than last week thank goodness… in other news, I can actually feel the baby getting bigger! Her movements seem more compact and I can feel her in different places- like she’s longer, which she is 😉 we ordered a big batch of baby things from amazon today, and it’s kind of the last of the “necessities,” hospital bag items for me, etc…. it’s really close now. I am both excited, nervous, and trying to be as easygoing about this as possible- since usually I am such a planner. I recognize that in this stage, I really can’t plan much… What’s that saying? “We make plans, and g-d just laughs.”
Trouble sleeping has also really set in 🙄 the ideal schedule for me nowadays is go to bed at 9:30, wake up at 6:45 (after waking up every couple of hours, tossing and turning, trying to get comfortable, rearranging pillows about 7 times, etc…) and on days that I can be home- my nap schedule – nap from 8am-9am, nap at 12pm, nap at 3:30pm… and trying to fit work and life after and in between HA 😂
Lessons: do not give a pregnant woman ice cream and expect her to give it back.
My vertigo is much better but is still made worse by too much motion/stimulation I have noticed, so I’ve spent a lot of time at home which is hard- I was planning on that being the case when the baby came but not so soon I guess. Positive thinking though…. 🙏🏼
Also if possible, my belly feels heavier. We hit 35 weeks tomorrow, so I suppose this is in line with growing baby girl? Or she just dropped and now feels more low.

Week 35 – 35!! 5 weeks away… oh my goodness it’s flying, really and truly…. lots of lower back pain this week, it also seems to be moving down my leg. But I’ve still been trying to go on walks and keep moving, dealing with that and the vertigo on and off.
Nesting nesting nesting! I washed a few outfits for the baby, cleared out space for bottles etc in the kitchen, and washed all of our hand me down equipment pieces.
Cravings: blueberries- fresh, especially frozen, in pie, in yogurt covered pretzels… you name it.

Week 36 – So had a bit of a scare the past couple of days, I felt like baby’s movements were less, but I got an ultrasound today (last one was close to 20 weeks) and all is ok 🙌🏼Otherwise, things are good. Some back pain for sure, got a belly boost to help with that. And getting around is definitely a lot harder, but hey, we’re getting close…
Went to tour labor & delivery at MGH today, so now there’s a bit more peace of mind to the process. And even though we haven’t been able to get into a birthing class, I’ve been trying to read a lot, watch videos online and keep myself as informed as possible.
Ps. now of course that I’ve been freaked out about movement, baby is moving like crazy since the ultrasound today, so there’s that 🙄 Getting kind of nervous about work, finishing projects before I go, etc…
Definitely emotional this week, unrealistic and irrational anxieties are making me feel sad. I wonder if this is normal?
Also, so hot, all the time. Work threw me the sweetest baby shower!! Complete with baby games, gifts (hello amazon is my best friend these days), and a delish blueberry Israeli cheesecake from Tatte. It’s been so so nice working with such supportive people.
Cravings: Greek yogurt + honey, every day.

Week 37 – Last few days in the office! Then working from home until this little lady makes her arrival. It’s so necessary though, getting around has been quite a challenge, my energy levels are lower, my back and side pain have been pretty bad, but I’m still pushing myself to get some sort of activity each day. The last few days have been high 80s!! So heat + pregnancy isn’t a ton of fun. I am still so so thirsty all of the time it seems like. Getting some minor things done in the house but finally feel like the big projects are done 🙌🏼 I have never fully appreciated cat & cow yoga poses so much to relieve my lower back…

Week 38 – I am ready. SO ready. I had another day of 3 naps- one for 25 min, one for 15 min, and one for an hour… all before 1pm- I just feel so exhausted. But, really my energy has been ok lately (probably because of the naps). On the other hand, my body is struggling. The low back pain is pretty bad anytime I try to do something more than just get around the house. Talking walks around the block have resulted in coming home, needing to stretch immediately after, laying down, and icing my back – but it’s worth it. I know physical activity is so important and movement is key. I’ve been able to work from home which has been extremely helpful and now we wait…
I’ve been saying for the past week that I’m really ok if she comes early, yes really ok. I don’t know if me being ready for her to come out means I’m fully ready for everything that is to come (is anyone ever fully ready? And I’ll be the first to say I have no idea what we’re really in for!) but I know that I am eager to feel like myself again, be able to take long walks and runs with this little one, and wear non-maternity clothes. And I know we’ll figure everything out. I also really appreciate being pregnant in winter, I’ve only had to endure a couple of warm days lately, and it has made both wardrobe and lifestyle much more suited for me (maternity pants/leggings + cardigans all winter long, and I really don’t like being “too” hot). I keep asking D, if she comes tomorrow, are you ready? Can you drop everything at work and come home if my water breaks? It’s a fun game I play 😉
Feeling very grateful that the vertigo is over, and though I’m not feeling up to running any marathons, I feel ok for the most part. A little saving grace as we near the end of the pregnancy for sure. A lot of stomach tightening right before 39 weeks… aka- non-painful Braxton Hicks. Super uncomfortable.
Cravings: hummus 🙌🏼

Week 39 – I feel really heavy, but am still making an effort to go for walks everyday, and be doing things around the house. Lots of stomach tightening/Braxton Hicks. I’m trying to get through my final to dos, but I’m ready for her to come. So so ready. I have still been so thirsty. I’ve been sitting on my exercise ball a lot to help with the low back pressure. Long walks the past few days, I really feel like it’s been moving things along. At 39+4, the cramps/early labor have begun.

Third trimester tips: 
– find a way to treat yourself… I made it a point to get my hair blown out and getting our house cleaned every other week. I needed something to make myself feel a little more together while everything started to get so uncomfortable, and these two things really made me feel so much better.
– journal! from the beginning if you can;) but especially in this last trimester, it helps you clear your mind, and get your thoughts together
– make time for small dates with your partner and friends, this is important! We found time to go to our favorite restaurants, and do little things that we enjoyed, knowing it would probably be a while until we could do it again.
– you can never be fully prepared, but you can try… reach out to friends and family members for must-haves and recommendations. I found certain things super helpful to hear from them.

Stay tuned for birth story!


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