The second tri


The second trimester: a continued collection of thoughts during pregnancy week by week πŸ˜‰

Week 15: I start to feel baby moving, feels like flips. I officially start working at my new job! Which I am STOKED for. It brings a lot of feelings and emotions, being so happy and grateful to be taking the next step career-wise. I disclosed to them that I am pregnant (before even most of my friends knew), and was grateful that they were accommodating from the start. Changes and adjustments, and heading into almost winter-Β  I start to get a cold… (arg!)
Cravings: Cold citrus fruits daily (grapefruit & oranges)

Week 16: I do end up getting a cold, but everything is ok, just resting and taking it easy. Tea, water, Emergen-c, cough drops, etc…Β  we also bought a humidifier that we can later use for the baby.

Week 17:Β We are traveling to the west coast, and our flight to San Fransisco is so awful.. I got over my cold, but the air pressure made both my head and gums feel so much pain and pressure- and then my teeth went numb! A very weird experience and definitely warranted my first official freak out/unexpected side effects of pregnancy where I didn’t know what to do and almost started yelling β€œis there a doctor on this plane” just like the movies….

Week 18: Traveling has somehow made me feel more comfortable in talking about the pregnancy. There is a relief in a stranger congratulating you and being happy for you, without knowing or assuming the path and pains you went through to get here. I find that I’m much more outgoing and talking about the pregnancy to strangers for the first time on our travels throughΒ  Napa- explaining why I’m not drinking, etc and smiling about it …
Cravings: I am really starting to miss sushi!

Week 19: We decided to find out sex of baby in the cutest way, on D’s birthday, after debating for days, we unwrapped a card from the doctor’s office with the verdict… annnnd it’s a girl! πŸŽ€Β I already feel more connected to this experience, although we will absolutely not be having all pink things… I am excited for calming neutrals; soft white and grey are much more my speed. I also start cutting back more on caffeine, some days I go without it (!!!) D goes out the next day and buys her little pink and silver baby converse sneakers… heart is melted ❀

Week 20: I feel baby moving more. Sleep – something I’ve never had a problem with my whole life- is really getting difficult. I’m also really starting to get a very sore left knee and left hip because of sleeping on left side & feeling my joints loosen up a lot. Also, Boston gets hit with first bad snowstorm of the year, so I sign up for a gym membership in my work building because dammit I’m going to walk somewhere on my lunch breaks, even if it’s on the treadmill… (we all know how much I prefer outdoor running/walking to an indoor treadmill- so this is a big win for me).

Week 21: More movement! Sometimes it’s a lot during the day (I wonder when she sleeps!), other times I notice it more when I’m relaxed and sitting on the couch. I’m also noticeably thirsty… like all the time. D and I throw around some baby names, it’s a fun game to play.

Week 22: I learn that going to bed at 9 is not anything to be ashamed of… and there has been a noticeable increase in chocolate consumption. I have also at this point bought at least 1 new bras every week it seems like (yes…truth). Word of advice, if your boobs/rib cage expansion grow, a bit of wiggle room goes a long way… Also start to notice my tummy sticks out way more in evening than at the start of the day. And I feel more emotional than usual. It takes little to nothing to make me cry, a good movie (What to expect), a beautiful song, a sappy commercial… etc
Cravings: Duh- chocolate

Week 23: I am feeling very blessed and very happy. My husband has been extremely supportive, and loving. I feel so fortunate to be experiencing this with him. I notice my stomach feeling very tight at times, usually after eating… try hard to eat small, constant meals instead of large ones to help with this. Consciously try to remind myself to slow down, take it easy, and really start adjusting expectations so that they are in line with my health and pregnancy first before anything else. One sad part about this week is that it is during the 1 year memorial of my first miscarriage… so bittersweet there with feelings of happiness and remembering where I was just 1 year ago.
Cravings: tropical fruit- mango, pineapple, watermelon (aka things that are not so easy to find in the dead of winter

Week 24: Belly sticks out. If there was any doubt of a real bump before, all doubt has been eliminated! Thoughts of baby books and journals and letters to my baby fill my mind as I search for the perfect avenue to get all these thoughts down other than my iPhone. I do feel like I eat, all the time. Like all the time. So that has been an adjustment to try to slow down. The last thing I want to worry about it putting my baby at risk or having a difficult labor because I couldn’t lay off the cheese and crackers…ha! Also notice this baby girl wakes up with D’s alarm clock around 6:20 in the morning, before I snooze… well she’s up! Also, my winter coat is barely zipping up- and the time has come to move onto my husbands old ski coat…Β  we have one month (fingers crossed) of winter left so I’m hoping this will get me by!
Cravings:Β Yogurt…. all day long

Week 25: SO tired, not all the time but enough to make myself add a daily reminder in my phone calendar to take a 20 minute nap when I get home from work. All else is going great, I live for those baby kicks. Socially, I do notice a couple of friends withdrawing a bit, they feel that I am too busy/preoccupied, which is kind of true, but it does makes me a little sad. I know I can’t go out for drinks, but we can get coffee, dinner, etc… This also reminds me what it was like when my friends started having kids and how I felt kind of on a separate plane. This is normal, it just takes time for everyone to be in the same place. Also, one night I had the sort of night where no sleep position was really comfortable. I switched up pillows and my snoogle every couple of hours, and there was no sleep to be had :/ Arggggh…. Also some pressure has come to my jaw re-igniting old TMJ flares. Loose and inflamed joints all around, but you know what, it’s worth it all for this little one. And I hear you forget all about it after they come so that’s something to look forward to. Crazy vivid dreams have also been in full force this week!

Week 26: Almost out of the 2nd trimester! Then the real work begins right? Haha blessed πŸ™ŒπŸΌ prenatal yoga is so good, I highly recommend it. Fatigue is really setting in, affecting me most at the end of the workday and at the end of the week- I’m like so done… We did a weekend trip to MTL, which was nice. We’re also trying to plan a babymoon which is proving to be tricky with timing/work etc. Noticing: baby kicks getting stronger, body changing rapidly, boobs are huge, etc…
Cravings:Β Cereal and milk! Anything from special k, peanut butter panda puffs, Quaker oatmeal squares, you name it…

Week 27: The glucose drink is so gross, and it SO does NOT taste like orange soda! But maybe they tell you it does so that you don’t dread the actual taste… I can’t say this week wasn’t stressful, it definitely was. I didn’t pass the first glucose tolerance test, so I have to go back next week for the 3 hour test. I’ve tried not to take it too hard, I know a lot of women don’t pass it, but the thought that I could be having gestational diabetes is not fun. I think I’m feeling β€œmom guilt” for the first time that I could be doing this to my baby. Though I know it depends on genetics, what you ate before, etc etc… Looking for low carb low sugar foods is another story! Did you know that most of sugar comes from carbs? And that most low fat foods have a ton of sugar?? Of course I knew this, but now I have to factor it into everything that I eat until the next test. It’s literally changed my grocery shopping experience (for these few days) so much- I usually look for high protein and low calories. Now both of those are out the window and in with full fats and low sugar- hurrah hurrah lol

Second trimester must-haves:Β 
– a variety of maternity clothes… and sizes! They changed for me with each trimester (favorite places to get maternity clothes: Gap online, Motherhood Maternity & Pea in the Pod, Nordstrom online, and sites like Rue La La, Hautelook, and Gilt all had good maternity options in varying price ranges)
– more cocoa butter, seriously, this stuff is SO important
– If you are into natural births, and want to be inspired by awesome natural birth stories, read “Spiritual Midwifery” by Ina May Gaskin
– plan a few trips during this time! driving trips, flights, do it now… you won’t regret it

Stay tuned for third tri!


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