2018 Resolutions

Golden Gate Bridge – Symbolizing endless opportunity

I’ve had a feeling for some time (probably starting soemtime last summer) that 2018 was going to be THE year! Like the opposite of what 2017 was, 2018 would all good, positive, uplifting, no bad juju here, you get what I’m saying…  It just felt like aside from the fact the 18 is my lucky number, there was something in the stars that this year was going to be different.

Well, in reality, we can’t have one without the other. There is no good without bad, no positive without negative, no Yin without Yang. How could we possibly appreciate all of the wonderful things in life if we have nothing opposite to compare them to? But I am still convinced that the positive aspects of this year are going to greatly outweigh the negative…  I can truly feel it in my bones ❤

I know that usually we write out our resolutions before the end of the year, or as soon as the new year has started, but this year I wanted to give myself the month of January to get into the right headspace, and think through these resolutions, prioritize, and compile a short but sweet list of positive intentions for this *magical 2018*

Here it is:

Show Love

Be Present

Be Calm

Be Active

Drink More Water

Eat Green

Sleep Well

Practice Self-Care

Be Accountable

Let Go of the Things You Can Not Control


Not too-specific, just short and sweet. A truly heartfelt list of the intentions I want to prioritize for *2018* I hope I inspire you to feel and share the love as well, and if we all put forward our best intentions for this year, together, we can put the world into a positive forward moving motion, and make the real magic happen.



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