Fall is here!! And other musings…

Yesterday, wow… it really felt like the first real day of fall. Friday, October 13 nonetheless! The air was crisp, Halloween decor seemed to pop up out of nowhere, and the seemingly slightest change was what made me realize it the most. It was when I was leaving for a walk and I found myself looking to walk on the sunny side of the street, because the shade was just too cold- when only a week earlier I was looking to avoid the sunny side of the street because it was too hot! Metaphor for life?? Maybe, a little…

Fall is usually my favorite season, this year I still love the changing leaves, the crunch of them beneath my feet, the crisp air, apple and pumpkin everything, but this fall is a bit different. Coming into the Jewish New Year and slowly winding down on 2017, I feel like there is a big opportunity for change around the corner for me. And I am both excited to be moving forward, but also nervous as hell for what awaits. This year has been so up and down, and I have been stuck in a kind of limbo, but for the first time, I feel like the coming potential for opportunity is really up to me- does that make sense? Like most of this year was totally out of my control, and now, I can really steer my life in the direction I want to go. With a little bit of opportunity, a lot of motivation, and a pinch of luck…

I wish for you all to get out there and enjoy this beautiful fall! Get on your flannels and scarves, take a moment to enjoy a hot apple cider and snuggle, and feel the fresh crisp air of opportunity coming at you. Opportunities are up to us and what we make of them, always remember that…

Cheers! xx


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