How to stay fit while traveling

Newport Vineyards

Ahh those last summer trips just around the corner as people make their Labor Day plans and bid adieu to sweet sweet summer. I am doing the exact same, heading out for a big trip soon to say goodbye to summer πŸ˜‰ Along with my endless packing lists and sorting through other matters and work before I go, I am ironically thinking about staying active and fit.

Travel time is so precious. When most people go away, the last thing you want to do is worry about “staying fit.” You want to enjoy yourself, indulge a bit, relax and be taking a real break from your schedule that you are usually at home. I totally get that, 100%. That’s how I usually travel. However, if you are in my boat, which is about one and a half months away from a race, and have been working all summer to get stronger, feel better and get into a normal routine, travel at this time could seriously disrupt all of the hard work and effort I’ve put in over the past couple of months. As with everything, I try to think of ways to make “fit traveling” enjoyable and balanced. Here are some quick tips:

  1. Movement! – fortunately for hubs and I when we travel, we tend to rack up those 16-20k step days no problem, exploring and discovering… so movement is a given here πŸ˜‰ Plan your days around walking tours, exploring cities and activities that require some movement.
  2. Bring your workout gear- this just inspires a morning run or power walk before the day starts and the tour de food begins again. Having your running shoes, running band, work out clothes, wireless headphones, travel yoga mat, etc… makes it that much easier to get a workout in.
  3. 70/30 rule – Β 70% of the time eating clean & healthy, 30% of the time indulging in treats. (let’s be honest, sometimes this looks more like 60/40 or realllly 50/50… but aiming for 70/30 makes it much more achievable!)
  4. Be your own barre or gym – Most barre movements can be done with a wall and the back of a sturdy chair. Small repetitive movements and strengthening/toning exercises can be done on your own in the privacy of your hotel room.
  5. Stay hydrated!! – Especially if this is an action-packed or adventurous trip, drink up!
  6. Always pack healthy snacks – The worst thing when traveling is hanger between meals (you know its true- haha) and not knowing how long you will have to go in between meals because of the schedule that day … you want to be able to grab those raw nuts, dried fruit, or chia squeezes you brought with you to keep you sane between meals. So much of traveling is eating anyways, so best to have some healthy snacks at hand to keep you and your stomach happy between delicious meals πŸ˜‰
  7. Stretch every day – Bust out the travel yoga mat, set yourself up to stretch and meditate every day, even if just for a short period of time. It will keep your blood flowing, your muscles warm, and ready for when you get back.
  8. Communicate – especially if you are traveling with your significant other or with friends. If they know you are trying to be healthier on this trip, they will be more understanding and maybe even want to join in with you!
  9. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself! It is vacation after all, and a happy experience means a happy return and fresh motivation to keep training or to go back to your schedule.

They key is not to go crazy, just to be mindful and try to stay balanced πŸ˜‰ Happy and dafe travels everyone!!




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