What is wellness for you today? 

Perfect day at crane beach

What is wellness? Something I talk about a lot here. Wellness means a lot of different things. It changes, it evolves, it grows with you as you change, evolve and grow. What wellness means to me today- is having a well-rounded lifestyle. Doing things that make me and the people I love happy. Taking a holistic approach to health, enjoying the summertime, getting plenty of rest, going on runs along the river, spending time with family, enjoying good real food, diving deeper into my career path, and loving myself. As humans, we are naturally flawed, but once you learn to love yourself and accept your flaws, you realize that you are not perfect, but that in that fact- you are enough 🙌🏼 If we live our lives with love and intention, that’s really living life to the fullest. 
So my advice for your summer wellness? Love. Love yourself, love each other, be gentle on your body, appreciate your strength, live well-rounded, surround yourself with nature, and wear a smile like your greatest accessory ☺️ 


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