How to be your best, by letting go

Views from the beautiful Charlestown Navy Yard

The long weekend is slowly winding down… ahhh an extra day of non-planned time is just the ticket. We all just crave that right? More time! More time to get work done, more time to relax, more time to enjoy life, more time to travel, to visit family, to cook, to clean, more time to live!

Over the past couple of months, I’ve had the opportunity to take some time to figure some things out. Life has gotten sticky (so to speak), and the road has been ever winding. Time, which used to seem to scarce and reckless, was all of a sudden more present. A blessing? I think so… So what did I learn? I learned an extremely valuable lesson, I learned how to let go. I learned that even though sometimes we can carve our paths, ever so carefully and diligently, we can never stop that tree that falls down right in the middle of it. We can never prevent an unexpected roadblock to block our path and make us think of getting to our destination by taking another road. We must take the time, to think, and to let go. We can try carving another path, but it won’t be the same, and we need to be ok with that. We need to let go. And then get our shit together.

I do believe in timeliness though, and I have noticed other paths around me also changing very quickly. Whether it is out of alignment with the stars, the change of seasons, or just life- we are all faced with roadblocks from time to time. And sometimes at the same time! In my opinion, the best way we can start to deal, is by letting go. When you let go, you are freeing yourself of any weight or heaviness that has accompanied that experience or situation. Letting go allows you to be lighter, free-er, and better able to see opportunities that could be standing right in front of you. Finally, letting go, allows you to be a better version of yourself.

So my advice to you, at the end of this long weekend, is to take a breath, and let go. Let yourself free of anything that is negatively weighing you down. Let go of the roadblocks and experiences that have stood in your way. Allow yourself to become a better you. Make room for light, and love. Make room for better opportunities, better people, and better experiences. They are there, and could be standing right in front of you. They just need you to get rid of the baggage to make room for them 😉



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