Your Career Wellness

The great thing about wellness, is that it encompasses SO many different parts of your life. Many people use the term loosely, but it can be anything that touches on a part of your life that you want to improve, so that you can be living healthier & well. For example, in our careers, how can we develop them in a way that can bring happiness and wellness into the rest of our lives? We may easily forget that the majority of our waking hours are spent at work. That’s a lot! And how many of us are happy with our jobs? I think it depends, but a look around my immediate circle, shows me that probably less than half are happy with their jobs. So how can we change this?

Having recently come out of a job/career transition myself, I’ve finally had some time to settle in and think about my own career wellness. Let me preface this by saying that I do believe out of every new experience we gain insight into ourselves. There is no such thing as failure if you tried… there is only experience and what you learned about yourself, how you handled the challenges, and how you come out on the other side. My job transition a few months ago was extremely challenging. I left a place of familiarity, comfort, and self-confidence in my expertise, to a brand new environment, brand new industry, and basically going to the bottom of the totem pole (or so it seemed at the time). Talk about change!

Now having made the transition, and having time to settle in, getting used to a new structure for well, everything, I’ve been able to re-surface for air. I’ve made time to think about wellness in my career path, and what my goals are. I don’t know what my “ideal or perfect job,” will look like, but I can do everything that I can to make sure my wellness is in check as I continue to develop my career path. What do I mean by making sure my wellness is in check? How do you not put your work before your own personal needs? I know this becomes a fine line for many, but it goes back to the saying “do you work to live, or live to work?” And for some of us who are also entrepreneurs and have our own businesses on the side, that line can become very blurred. How do we balance? How do we make sure our career wellness is on the right path? I find that asking myself these about the stage of these following questions helps to guide me in the right direction:

  1. Do I have a balanced schedule? Meaning- am I making time for what I need at work, but also making time for the many other moving pieces in my life? Like cooking healthy meals, going on walks and jogs with my husband, making time for my personal business, traveling, visiting our many family and friends around the country, having a life outside of work basically 😉
  2. Am I stressed? Many can find it near impossible to not being constantly stressed out at work. Some stress is good. We know that stress can be a motivator, and can help us accomplish work goals. But too much stress can be very detrimental to us mentally and emotionally. Anything we can do to keep the stress on the “healthier” side is ideal. And if it becomes too much, it is worth it to make an action plan on ways we can relieve it.
  3. Am I putting myself first? I’m not talking about making time for a manicure (though that “me time” can be life saving at times!), I’m talking about back to basics: did I have time to pack some healthy snacks for the office? Am I making time for a 10 minute walk on my lunch break? Am I stopping to work at a reasonable hour so that I can leave? If I feel stressed, am I taking care of myself to resolve the source of stress and do what I can to alleviate it?
  4. Am I advocating for myself? In a job especially, speaking up for your needs is so important. I know that we don’t all feel like we can do this, but I strongly believe that the goal is always to be able to advocate for yourself.
  5. Can I envision forward movement in my job or in my career? Making your own personal road map or vision board can be very helpful with this. Plan your larger goals, and map out some smaller goals as stepping stones along the way. This will help you feel like you are more structured path to your next steps in your career.

Asking yourself these questions, and trying to improve their outcome is keeping your career wellness in check. As long as we are always learning from one experience to the next, and making our personal well being a priority, we are on the right path to being healthy and well.


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