Lessons of 2016 for all

Ice hotel in Quebec

As we spend this New Years weekend in the arctic (aka beautiful but freezing Quebec), I reflected on these personal lessons of 2016:

  • practice gratitude, every single day
  • believe in yourself, you are capable
  • save your energies for people and life experiences that will generate more positive energies
  • if you make a mistake, admit it- people will appreciate your honesty
  • we are not machines, it’s important to unplug and be human
  • be proud of your accomplishments- every single one
  • make sure your loved ones know how much they are appreciated
  • be the change you wish to see
  • it’s not over until it’s over
  • adventure awaits
  • always believe in magic ✨

On that note, I came across this in my weekly stone fox bride email πŸ™ŒπŸΌ and felt it heartfelt, spot on, & super appropriate to share. Check out this awesome fox’s take on lessons from 2016 ❀ Cheers to 2017 guys!!!


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