The day I stopped using my fitness tracker…

Vermont woods- always perfect for a fall walk

… was a couple of weeks ago.  My fitness tracker actually started coming apart, so I reached out to the company who manufactured it and reported the poor condition of the tracker. They told me they would offer me a discount on a new one. I politely declined and said I would continue looking for a more durable fitness tracker, so naturally they sent me a complimentary replacement. Which was very nice of them! But I had already made up my mind… I did not want a tracker anymore.

Ok- can we just pause and recognize that I was the one who was SUPER into my fitness tracker (read post about a year ago here) to the point where I actually would start to develop anxiety that my tracker wasn’t accurately tracking an activity, or if I got up in the morning and forgot to put it on right away … and you know what, no one needs that kind of stress in their life! Right now, I’m so happy without it. I no longer have the anxiety of if I hit my steps or not for the day, I feel more free to shake around without worrying about a tracker picking up extra steps (y’all know what I’m talking about!). I actually feel more aware of what physical activity I’m doing for the day because I am not tracking it… if that makes sense?

New Hampshire and the most perfect fall leaves

And ok, back to what I still think from last year’s post about this- if a tracker helps you, and holds you accountable- by all means, use it! But as with our trackers, our phones, our laptops- it really is ok to unplug for a while and see how we feel. We’ve gotten so used, in such a short amount of time; to tracking, counting, analyzing… why don’t we see how we feel without all of these digital aids once in a while?

I’m calling it a “tracker refresh.” I feel totally fine (except for the fact that my left wrist feels super naked), and I have less stress and more peace of mind without a tracker. I do not need my tracker to buzz me every time I get a phone call, I do not need to be constantly “plugged in…” And ok, I do recognize that I have a brand new tracker now and if the urge rises, I will try it out again… but for the moment, I stopped letting the tracker take a hold of me and am enjoying in one aspect being “unplugged.”

Happy Thursday guys xx


One response to “The day I stopped using my fitness tracker…

  1. I just took my Fitbit zip off my waist and threw it in my handbag. After wearing it daily for 2 years. Why? BFB (Before FitBit) I was already clocking up my 10k steps per day, in addition to gym sessions, swimming and being active. It may just be my age (I hit the 4-0) and it could be the cortisol I’m storing due to some stressful life stuff BUT, ever since I got the FitBit, I’ve put on weight. WHAT? So as an experiment for myself, I’m having 2 months off. Maybe I’ll be less paranoid about getting the magical 10k steps? Maybe I’ll eat less calories because I’m not mindfully stuck in the exercise = food reward cycle? Who knows. But I’ll give it a few months and see how I go.

    Has anybody done this experiment?


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