Well and the City turns 1!!


A little belated Happy Birthday/Blogaversary to Well and the City blog!! On October 1,  Well and the City blog turned 1 year old! The change of seasons from summer to fall has always been a turning point for me, a time of reflection, a time to reset and recharge. It could be something to do with my own birthday falling in mid-September (get it- FALLing…. haha), to the Jewish holidays and new year also happening around this time. I have always associated the September & October months with new beginnings and fresh starts. So it fit perfectly to have started my wellness blog around this time last year.


This year especially was a HUGE time for change for me. Transition from summer to fall, I did my 30 day gratitude challenge to turning 30- which was an eye opening and mindful experience for me. I got to go home to Colorado a few times this year and take in valuable time with family and friends, and that meant a lot to me. We moved! (just a few blocks away, but it was a huge step for Hubs and I in a more ‘permanent’ home). I am in the midst of a career/job transition that though scares me, I am SO excited for the new opportunities that await me, and for the first time in a long time, I feel, well – more balanced… I don’t feel as much pressure to be a certain way, or live up to certain expectations. Don’t get me wrong, we all have our challenges, and our struggles that come and go, much like the moving tide… but I am, for the first time in a long time, very comfortable just being me. And really enjoying who I have become and grown into… maybe that comes with turning 30 😉



Apple picking to mark the change in seasons

I remember the thoughts and ideas leading up to creating the blog. After completing my training, and becoming a wellness coach, I wanted to find a space with an online community to share my thoughts and ideas (and many recipes!) about wellness. Wellness to me has always been encompassing of 3 major parts:

  • Balanced nutrition = REAL food, everything in moderation, mindful eating and meal planning
  • Active body = doing what is the right “active” for you, whether be going to the gym, yoga, or daily walks… something to keep you moving and your blood flowing so that your body can operate optimally
  • Healthy mind = taking care of your emotional well being, which includes stress management, recognizing things that make you happy, maintaining healthy relationships with significant others, family and friends

I can not believe the positive feedback, relationships, and overall KICK ASS online community of instafriends (some who have become real friends!), and support that I have found though this blog. From my daily posts with online supporters, and communication with my fellow blogging community- I am truly touched. I am SO grateful for all of your support and love as you have followed along on my “Well and the City” journey thus far… I hope for many more birthdays and celebrations in the future!

– Inbar


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