30 Days of Gratitude Challenge

30 days from today, I reach the big 3-0! 30 days to 30… Β WOW

So naturally I thought, what could I do to make this transition into 30 more meaningful, more challenging, and more special? I have been thinking about turning 30 for a while now, probably the past couple of years, and also have been wondering why reaching 30, or crossing over into any decade is made out to be such a big deal? Isn’t 30 the new 21? I had maybe just a moment of – ‘but what about these things that I thought I would have accomplished by the time I reached 30?’ or freaking out that ‘wait- this is where I am in my life??’ But then I stopped myself and thought SO WHAT? I have accomplished so many things in my life thus far, but I know I have much more to go, and I look forward to those adventures. Today I am in a good place. No, things aren’t perfect, but who’s life is? And if I can wake up with a sense of purpose, challenge, love and positivity, I am happy with where I am. I am constantly working on self-improvement; spiritually, mentally, physically, bringing more light into my life, and “gracefully letting go” of things that pollute it. We are all works in progress, and that is a beautiful thing.

So why 30 days of gratitude? Well, as I write as “well and the city,” I am always focusing on city living, life moving by so fast, and gratitude is something that I think we can always use a bit more of. Gratitude is something that requires a conscious, mindful effort. And as we live city life on the go, when do we stop and practice gratitude? I guess the answer is, whenever you can! In your yoga meditations, at home, at dinner time, or even something as infrequent as during times of transition or hardship. I do think of myself as a person who recognizes when to give thanks and appreciation, but I know that I could be doing a lot more. And what better way to enter such a transition into 30 by counting my blessings and giving thanks? Hence- the 30 days of gratitude challenge! I plan to spend the next 30 days (starting today), recognizing something each day that I am grateful for. I hope that this brings these things to the forefront of my thoughts and gets me thinking and inspired as I enter 30.

I am really excited! 30 will be a whole new adventure, and I can’t wait. To my 30-club friends, how did you enter 30? What were some of your reflections? Fears? Things you were looking forward to? You don’t have to be turning 30 to join my challenge! Come with me on this journey! Anyone can join in! Who’s with me?!


p.s. follow my challenge here πŸ˜‰


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