The magic drink to start your day

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So WHAT could a magic drink be? XXXL espresso? Green smoothie? Juice? Close- but no…

Ok, so let me back up. I know I talk A LOT about morning routines, how I start my day, what gets me going, etc… because let’s face it, getting going in the mornings when you have a laundry list of responsibilities for the day can be hard sometimes. I find that when I have a few morning rituals, it helps me with my day, and starts me off positive. And a positive start to the day helps set the tone for the rest of the day.

So that magic drink? … It’s water! Water is the magic drink to wake up your body, get your systems going- kind of like revving up an engine slowly, water should be that first fuel for your body every morning.

So why water? Well, why not water? Our bodies naturally need and crave water throughout the day. I drink water all day long, even wake up in the middle of the night to drink water. Water flushes out our bodies, and fills us first with the hydration we need. During the winter, hot water and lemon, or hot tea is my favorite “water” to start the day. However, now in hot and humid July, in Boston nonetheless, hot water can be a bit too much. So I tend to start with warm or room temperature water with half a squeezed lemon as my first drink. I like to mix it up and flavor with mint, berries, or like today cucumber. A little natural flavor helps to make it a little special. Then, once I had my lemon water and feel my body get going, I drink my smoothie, or my coffee. Sometimes taking those to work with me to consume there when I feel more hungry.

We are so used to rushing to coffee first, or even a smoothie, but let’s let our bodies start gently and wake up, hydrate, and then move onto other foods and beverages. And then we can introduce the caffeine/coffee or nutritious smoothies. We also tend to drink less of those drinks, if we have already started with water. Which is also a good tip for whenever you feel hungry, try water first to make sure you are not just thirsty. Summer months are hard, we sweat, move a ton, and require more water than other times of year. So lets hydrate properly, and then continue to fill our bodies with the good stuff :p

Have a great week everyone!



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