The power of routine

Summertime, summertime! For me, this generally means, SUN, travel, exploring, and getting to do the so many awesome things around Boston and the country that I don’t get the chance to do as much during the rest of the year. The main things that I hear and talk to others about when travel is having a travel plan to “be well,” and shaking up our routine.

Routine is something that is both equally important to have, as much it is to break free from it. I believe routine should be a constant cycle, in it most of the time, and then breaking free when we travel, need a break, etc.

I was very much reminded of this in the past couple of weeks. We traveled to my hometown in Colorado, and then to San Luis Obispo and Los Angeles for vacation and a family wedding. I was definitely OFF of my routine, as is inevitable when you travel, but had a good “wellnesss” travel plan for most of the trip. My hubs and I made sure to make time every day for activity, lots of walking, running in the mornings, some awesome hiking in San Luis Obispo (travel guide coming soon for that one!), and everything else in between.

We got back this week and I am finally settling back into “routine.” Routine helps me to keep accountable for my goals both daily and over time, in work, relationships, and of course health and wellness. Today I was so happy to fully re-start my routine: hot water & lemon in the morning, planking, balanced breakfast (with smoothies of course), going to bed at a good hour, etc… and though I wish we could still be on vacation, there is absolutely something to be said for getting back into your routine. I appreciate it so much more, and am reminded of the importance of both sides of the spectrum. Routine gives us purpose and meaning to everyday little tips and movements that keep us healthy and well. The break from routine allows us to clear ourselves mentally and emotionally, relax, and then appreciate the time of routine.

The takeaway? Have your routine, whatever gets you going, and keeps you well and healthy most of the time. And have your break from routine, not as a time to be “unhealthy,” but as a time to have more flexibility and variety in the day to day, to have more time to relax and enjoy a mental break from the everyday components and rituals of routine.

Cheers and Happy Wednesday friends!



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