Wedding Wellness



The REAL DEAL on Wedding Wellness……. wait… wedding whaaat? Yes… Wedding wellness! Is there such a thing? Well, if it doesn’t exist, I am happy to pioneer the idea 😉 Spring has turned into summer, engagements are all around, and wedding season has arrived … so I decided to put together this hopefully helpful, and just plain honest mini-guide to “wedding wellness.”




Coming up on my own 1 year wedding anniversary, I started to think back and reflect on my own wedding experience and how I balanced it all, or could have better balanced- well, everything! All honesty here- I can’t say I didn’t try, I really truly did. I worked so hard to plan ahead and do things so that there would be minimal stress on others, and tried to make everyone happy. Thankfully I had some great people by my side to help me get through it all. I am very happy about the way some things turned out, and maybe learned some life lessons from other parts of the process. As with any major event in life, it is inevitable that the process will have stress involved, but there are some things that I did take from the experience that I believe can help alleviate some of this stress for others going through the wedding planning experience.  At the end of the day, my hubs and I had a truly special day, the rain cleared up just in time, and we had a night filled with laughter, love, and the biggest dance party I have ever seen! (not to mention I am still obsessed with our cake to this day) So, despite some of the ups and downs of the wedding planning, it was still a beautiful event and day 🙂

Some thoughts from the perspective of a bride (and being a bridesmaid many times over!) on Wedding Wellness:



Bridal Perspective- How to be healthy and well during wedding planning: 7 REAL tips

It’s a ton of pressure, organizing, trying to balance 10 people’s requests at once, while also maintaining your own vision (hello- haven’t we been dreaming about this day forever?!)- not to mention your own sanity! And sometimes you can have a lot of help and sometimes you are on your own. So…

1. Make time to eat right: The last thing we need under so much stress is to eat unhealthy. We need our bodies and brains to function optimally, especially during this time! I found there were days when I was running so many errands, I literally would look at the clock and it would be 3pm and all I had was a morning XL iced coffee. NO BUENO. Pack healthy snacks, make sure you’re getting lots of protein, fruit & veggies to go, etc… A tip- a lot of planning with bridesmaids/family can also be done over healthy meals, juice bars, etc… These are a great idea to get together and eat well together 🙂
2. Delegate…delegate… DELEGATE: I can not say this enough. In my opinion, the only way to maintain a healthy emotional balance (and sanity- let’s be honest) while wedding planning is by delegating. Gals, we can not do this all. It’s a ton of work and our friends, family, bridesmaids, etc… are there for us, we just need to ask for help.
 3. Go for a run/sweat it out… for real! That stress just builds, and builds and you need to release it! I was actually training for the Boston Marathon while wedding planning (good timing right?), and miraculously, while training I really did feel more balanced and put together with the wedding planning. I was better at time management, had a more stable head on my shoulders, etc… It was when training was over, and had 2 months until the wedding, that I noticed wedding  planning really took over me emotionally, I should have kept training! Lol – but still made time to run, yoga and workout.
4. Know that there is no such thing as perfect. There really isn’t, and I believe having back-up plans and making sure your expectations aren’t through the roof are super important. We are only human, things do not always go as planned and the best way to deal with it is to know this ahead of time. We try so hard to make sure everything is perfect, and then freak out when the slightest thing goes wrong. No, no… keep calm, and push past perfection to just happy. Happy with whatever happens, because this really is one of the happiest days of your life.
 5. Have a back-up dress. Not something super fancy, more like a simpler reception dress… trust me, just do it. You may get hot and want to change, be uncomfortable, have something spill, etc. etc… just an option to have something to change into as the night progresses should you choose to do so.
6. Communicate with your SO, and remember to have fun! Some significant others are more involved than others, some want to just give you the reigns, but in the end- the ceremony and day is for you both. So if you need feedback, opinions, etc, communicate, communicate, communicate. Make time for fun dates, and non-wedding related activities between you two in the time leading up to the wedding. Don’t let the planning take over.
7. Hold on to your MOH/bff-izzle and love them hard! These guys do A LOT for us. Make sure they know their work, endless phone calls, tears, laughter, planning, etc is very much appreciated. Be sure to do something special for them, get them a special gift, etc…




Bridesmaid perspective- How to help the bride keep it together, while maintaining your own sanity: 6 quick tips

Having been a bridesmaid a fair number of times, I gathered this “insider” info and wanted to pass it on… To the brides- we get it, you are under a lot of stress. We want to help! We just need guidance…

1. Be open minded: Not every bride will operate the same, some are traditional, some are not, some are better planners than others. Your job is to be open minded and supportive as bridesmaid. Make sure the bride feels supported and that you got her back 😉
2. Offer your help: Even if the bride says she’s got it! Inquire about the details and get her to think about where she can use help (trust me, she is overwhelmed). Details such as who is mailing the invites, what is her timeline for the shower, bachelorette, etc…. What are her expectations? How can you help make them happen?
3. Delegate within yourselves (if bride hasn’t done so already), don’t wait for it to happen! Assign this person to plan this event, so and so get the supplies for that event, etc…
4. Plan bridesmaid events that encourage health and wellness– you all will need it! Why not start the bachelorette weekend with a yoga or barre class? Or even better- how about a relaxation-themed event? Massage trains and homemade facials are great fun and bring out the 12 year old slumber party feels!
5. Be prepared for anything: specifically, an emotionally charged “event” from the bride, family, etc… I believe the emotions running high bring this out in people and guess what- that’s totally normal. Just be prepared, be there for her, be supportive, and offer calming thoughts. Every single wedding I have ever been to has had one of these “emotional events,” whether it was a family feud, a ruined dress, bad weather, a disaster at a bachelorette party, a maid of “dis-honor,” etc… it has been inevitable! But I learned to be prepared, stay calm, and keep a level head. Trust me, it will help!
6. Have fun! It’s your BFF/sister/etc getting married! You want to enjoy spending this special time together preparing for one of the most important days of her life.




A relatively painless quick guide 😉 What’s your experience with Wedding Wellness? What are some tips that you used to help you stay together and not get too stressed out?

Cheers and happy wedding season to all!



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