You are what you eat… or are you?

Heading into summer mode high speed now! Or in Boston at least 😉 Our cold cold spring seems to have leapt overnight into summery sunshine. Suddenly it’s easily 70 degrees, flip flops are out, and naturally you see more people outside running, exercising, planning summer vacations, annnnd you start thinking about swimsuit season… oy. This is that huge “scramble” when people are trying to get out and exercise, diet, etc… so we can plan our beach (or reservoir) days and feel comfortable and confident. So how do we do that in a healthy way?

Let me back up for a moment to talk about food. Food food food, I talk about it so often in this blog 🙂 And for good reason! Food is what fuels our bodies, brings us together socially, can make us happy, but can also cause us stress. So how do we manage our “foodthink and food psychology” in a positive & wellness manner? I am going to simplify it in the best way I can- we are what we eat… but not in the way that you may think. I’m talking about we are what we eat in terms of what food is doing for our insides; our digestion, our processing, nutrients waiting to be absorbed, making us feel heavy or light, energized or sleepy, etc etc…

Changing the way from thinking “If I eat a pizza, then I will look like one,” to “If I eat a pizza, the cheese and gluten will slow down my gut from functioning optimally and I may feel sluggish after… and the reverse in “If I eat these roasted veggies, I will be feeding my body the nutrients it needs, and I will feel nourished and content after.” You catch my drift? You are functioning by how you eat. When you eat foods that are heavy, with lots of salt, bad oil, sodium, too much gluten, too much dairy, too much caffeine, heavy sugar, etc- they definitely affect the way you function. They slow down digestion and can make you feel bad inside your bodily functions. When we eat good foods, we become them- full of freshness, fiber, nutrients, vitamins, and they ease our digestion and help our body function optimally.

As with everything I talk about here- moderation is super important. I do believe one will go crazy if you never eat another slice of pizza… personal opinion 😉 But we can moderate ourselves to have a slice, and then a big, fresh, vibrant, colorful salad to help digest the pizza and give us the nutrients we need. Balance. Balance. Balance.

So back to swimsuit season… if we are what we eat, we can eat better in general, and all year round, with foods that try to help us not hurt us. And also recognize that moderation is important for our sanity and our own wellbeing. When we feel confident about the foods we are putting into our bodies, we can exude that confidence on the outside as well. Feel good on the inside, feel good on the outside- both emotionally and physically! See these healthy eating behaviors & tips to get a more detailed picture of making those lasting changes to healthy 🙂

Have a beautiful day everyone!



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