Finding Positivity Online

c/o @onefitcoconut

Instagram, twitter, facebook, snapchat, linkedIn, endless apps, blogs ,and websites constantly fueling our daily reads, thoughts and emotions. The world as seen through the eyes of the interwebs! As we are constantly bombarded with information, photos, and videos- how do we select content that lifts us up and encourages positivity? What makes us smile and stay positive?

one of my FAV brekkie bowls, so fresh and bright!


I find myself constantly searching for content in particular that satisfies this need- of fueling and releasing positivity into the universe. Something that you see or read and think to yourself- ‘ok! this is good, I feel good, I feel optimistic and positive… thank you!’

c/o @yogainspiration

However, many of these accounts who claim positivity, wellness, “healthy living & balance” etc. etc. focus on fad dieting, over-exercising, calorie-counting, and obsessions that are not at all healthy or positive. And the result? They can be down and depressing for those of us who truly believe in balance and supporting fellow folks on their journey to health, wellness, and positivity. Honest moment here- some women especially can be overly competitive and bring each other down with these obsessions and make us stop to think why their focus is solely on body image and “healthy eating” that involves obsessing over calorie counting… girlfriend, that’s not healthy! Health is balance!Β Alternatively, I’ve had some truly amazing positive women in my life, who I am honored to call my friends and role models, who share similar thoughts of positivity, health, and balance. Furthermore, they show the true power which is constantly beingΒ supportive and appreciate of each other. Isn’t that an awesome thought? Women who bring each other up… let’s get us all some more of that! (and THANK YOU to those who already do πŸ™‚

As a writer and blogger, part of what I am constantly trying to grapple with is what audience I want to reach, and how I can best provide this information, opinions and thoughts to them to help fuel and release true feelings of positivity? And I think- how would I want to be reached? I do my best to stay true to myself, my inner voice, how I want to be greeted in the morning: i.e. smoothie bowl fresh and fabulous with words of encouragement… for starters πŸ˜‰ You catch my drift…

journey to positive thinking

I believe in balance, in every sense of the word. Focusing on positivity, not negativity. Health, happiness, sunshine, love, flowers, beautiful fresh foods, eating healthy, but yes of course I love donuts and burgers too (balance!!), exercising to lift my spirits, not to rush to a scale or obsess overΒ looking in the mirror, running along a river to see a beautiful view… And the positivity I love? People who love living! People who get excited about a beautiful dish, or a gorgeous sunrise, a great cup of coffee, time with family and friends. People who show compassion, love and kindness. You cheer each other on for your accomplishments, not only focus on your own. People who just plain are interested in wellbeing- for them, for you, and for those all around. No diets, no crazed exercise trends, no down and out thinking- I try my best to keep these concepts as little to non-existent in my life.

killer sunset on the Charles River

So when you find something you love online, take it in and smile. Share it with someone else if you think it will encourage or provide a positive experience for them… We can all use more positivity in our lives, no matter what!

c/o @yogainspiration

And if you see things you don’t like, get rid of it! We don’t need any more negativity in this world, I assure you. Take that shiz and flush it down the drain! Focus on investing your precious time, thoughts and energy into people and thoughts that lift you up! Our time in this world is short, lets make the most of it and spread positivity, love and light. The I hope you find my content encouraging and positive. And most of all, I hope you find your own voice to share positivity with others around you, because guess what? That stuff’s contagious πŸ™‚ Spread it like peanut butter!

Happy Monday!



wise words found at Healthworks


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