How to get your “morning” going

Ever run into those GOOD MORNING! folks who just seem to have it all together, bright, cheery, and caffeinated with a big smile on their face and you’re just thinking “oh no, not today…” HA well good news you’re not alone. Yes, I do love breakfast, brunch, a nice almond milk latte, sunshine streaming through the windows, and waking up under comfy cozy blankets… but no – I do not consider myself a morning person. Getting up and going can just be a lot some days, let alone getting ready for a big day at work, going to get a workout in, or anything else that requires you to have a lot of energy or be fully present. Β But I do be believe that there are some morning rituals that make us non-morning folk just a bit more “morning-friendly” if you will…

  1. Try to limit your phone/computer/social media engagement as the first thing you do when you wake up. I know- you’re thinking whaaaa? ESPECIALLY for many of us bloggers- our insta-feeds are what we look forward to exploring in the mornings! I’m not saying don’t do it, I’m just saying wait a moment. I find that if I just do a quick “important” e-mail and weather check, I am not too overwhelmed and can start the day with a mostly clear mind. It’s when I start checking all social media, email, news, articles, blogs, etc that my mind is overwhelmed with outer thoughts and I am not focusing on myself and how I’m feeling that day. Wait a bit, and after your morning “routine” feel free to delve into the online and social media realm (for you city commuters, bus and train rides are perfect for this). Allow yourself to get re-acquanitted with your thoughts and feelings every morning first.
  2. Hot water with lemon and a bit of honey. This is gold! I have been doing this on and off for years, and it is soΒ great forΒ digestion! Also, sipping a hot beverage just reminds me to slow down and take in the day.
  3. Plank. Yes plank! Morning plank is the best plank πŸ˜‰ It gets your core activated and strong for the day.
  4. Meditation. I talk about morning meditation a lot. Whether its for 2 minutes or 20, just taking time to sit, close your eyes, and be present. Being mindful is a great way to acquaint yourself with the day again and ease into it.
  5. Breakfast. The act of preparing breakfast does wonders for your eating and food thought process for the day. Even if you don’t have time to fully eat your breakfast until you get to work, taking the time to prepare a healthy and balanced meal or beautiful smoothie πŸ˜‰ gets you thinking about how you want to set your eating pattern for the day.
  6. Gratitude. I was having an off morning today, just one of those days. And my hubs reminded me to think of 5 things that made me smile. Isn’t he the best? What were my 5 things in that moment this morning? A bath, nap, fresh figs, sunshine, and him of course πŸ˜‰ Ok, so all cheesy-ness aside, even though it is just saying 5 things that make me smile, I am fully grateful for these things. Even just recognizing one thing or person every morning that you are thankful for, can spin your non-morningperson mind towards more positive thinking.

So give these a try! See if you can steer yourself in the direction of doing simple things to make your morning better, and even if it doesn’t get you to full on “GOOD MORNING” mode, at least mornings will be more positive and enjoyable πŸ˜‰

Have a great morning guys πŸ™‚



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