Fuel through Food Review

Yesterday I was happy to be a part of the conversation “Fuel through Food” in Brookline’s Pure Cold Press presented by Balans Boston (led by Balans movement/posture therapist and nutritionist). It was about taking care of our bodies, and being more aware and mindful of what we put into and onto our bodies.  I was very inspired by the conversation, and it was a great refresher for many ideas and thoughts, but also I learned a lot! Which always makes these open discussions a great experience 😉 Some of my favorite takeaways included:

1. Smoothie talk! Obviously one of my favorite parts of the conversation 😉 Smoothies are great for nutrients, vitamins and fiber. They are best consumed on an empty stomach and drunken slowly as to best absorb all these nutrients. Adding good fats such as coconut oil, avocado, and adding protein such as nuts, seeds, and greek yogurt are great ways to maximize absorption and make it a balanced smoothie.

2. Avoiding processed foods as much as possible- eating pure, raw healthy foods is what our bodies need and crave to function optimally and give us the best energy.

3. Everything in moderation- changing health habits should be done slowly, and over time so as not to shock the body and make the most positive transition. It’s not all or nothing, but taking small steps to improve our health is what counts, because these are the behaviors we make to last a long time.

4. Check your labels! For both food and skin care products! Our skin is our largest organ, and it gets the most exposure, so we need to take great care of it. Many skincare products have fillers, and harmful chemicals and toxins. Know your ingredients… why would you put something onto your skin that you wouldn’t eat or put into your body directly? (because that’s where it’s going!). Food labels also, just because something says “all natural” or “organic” doesn’t mean it is 100%. Know what these labels mean and what they are really comprised of.

5. Movement and posture are all things that help our body function optimally. Trying to be more mindful of our body position and movement is a huge step in helping us reach optimal health.

In essence? Let’s continue the conversation! On being more mindful, thoughtful, conscious and in tune with what we feed ourselves, what makes us feel good (to focus on), what doesn’t feel as good (to get rid of), and everything in between. Small steps can make big, lasting changes in bettering ourselves and our world.



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