Welcome March! Thoughts about your wellness journey…

Diving into March with winter *almost* behind us… the sun is staying out a bit longer, mornings are getting brighter, you can almost taste spring around the corner! And then we plummet back to 25 degree mornings… oh Boston :p

As always, with the start of each month, I like to take a moment to pause and reflect, more or less to check in on my wellness journey- and I encourage you to do the same! As simple as asking yourself:

In general:
What am I feeling in this moment?
Where am I?
What have I done to get here?
Where am I headed?
Am I happy here?
Do I want anything to change?
How can I make those changes?

More specifically:
How are my relationship? Friends? Family? Significant other?
How am I doing in my career, in the workplace?
How can I improve these relationships?
How active am I? Too much? Too little? What changes can I make here?
How is my healthy eating? Have I made changes to improve this?
What is my level of self-love, confidence, and patience?
Am I practicing mindfulness? How am I applying it to my life?
Am I grateful? Do I acknowledge all the positives in my life?

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I think that asking yourself these and similar questions gets you to think and check in on some important aspects of both your day to day life, and also your bigger journey. We get into routines, it’s easy to forget the things that linger in our peripheries, or get stuck at the bottom of our to-do lists when they should really be at the top…

So go ahead, check in, see where you are, where you want to be. Give yourself a huge hug for all you have accomplished, and a nod towards where you want to get to. Practice patience, self-love, and gratitude… and remember that it is always, ALWAYS about the journey πŸ™‚


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset



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