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Healthy! Happy! Wellness! If we could all get it at all times, we would… right? One of the main issues I hear about is just how hard it is to maintain wellness in the workplace. I do acknowledge that many companies have started stellar health and wellness programs for their employees, and it really is wonderful to have the option to work at a place where you can have that at your fingertips.

But for many others, I find that they encounter roadblocks such as; their company doesn’t offer any wellness programs or initiatives, or that there are some wellness programs but they are not easily available to all staff, or they don’t even have any idea if this exists within their company, because if it does, it is not well advertised. And the bigger issue at hand, is for those who barely leave their desk all day- they don’t even know where to start on introducing wellness into their workplace.

I’ve compiled some tips here for the more flexible-schedule employee to the more rigid schedule employee, to take this as you can and adjust to your schedule and workplace.

Wellness in the Workplace Tips:


Walk to coffee… a win win!

1. Get up and get moving! This can be anything from taking a walk around your floor to go on a 20 minute walk outside during your lunch break. I hear so much about those who say they don’t even have five minutes, but how many studies do we need to show that even a quick break in your day helps you be so much more productive. So even if it’s just a quick 5 minutes to take that walk around your floor or building, do it!

  • walk around your floor
  • take a walk outside
  • do an office stretch session together! encourage both creativity and productivity in the workplace. Have someone lead or see if you can bring in a yoga instructor for office stretching 15-30 minutes
  • take the stairs!!! so under valued, I see these signs just about everywhere in my building and they are so true and a great reminder that you can just take the stairs, save the building some energy and burn some of your own. And guess what??? It will only take you about a minute-two minutes longer than waiting for the elevator… I work on the 6th floor, I know!!

Take the stairs!

2. Be active socially, even at work! I found that a couple of the offices I have worked at started casual walking clubs to get outside together a few days a week. And for someone who has a hard time motivating themself to go out and take a walk, this could be a great motivator!

  • start a walking club with co-workers, walk together instead of a lunch break 3 days a week
  • walk to a coffee shop together for your mid-afternoon cup
  • if your office offers wellness programming such as free yoga or nutrition classes, grab a co-worker friend and go!
  • suggest a team outing as a walk to a nearby park for a picnic lunch, or to walk together to a restaurant/bar, or some other type of activity that you can do together (ie: bowling, even more sport-focused like a group basketball game, or kayaking) instead of just a dinner & drinks type of event
  • does everyone have a Fitbit? Or a smartphone app that tracks your steps? Engage in some friendly office competition to see who can get the most steps every week! Keep track on a board somewhere, and celebrate every victory!



Snacks!! All great snack options here πŸ™‚

3. Snack right: We all snack at work… ain’t nothing wrong with that! But as with any type of snacking, if you are prepared, it is not a bad thing. I find that keeping a few healthy snacks handy and on me at all times, really does help get me through the day, and also prevents me from buying and indulging in non-healthy snacks. I recommend having a variety of both sweet and salty to satisfy any craving.

  • some snack ideas: raw nuts (not roasted), dried fruit (no sugar added), fresh sliced fruit ready to go, finger food raw veggies (carrots, celery, sliced zucchini, cucumberm cherry tomatoes, etc), low-fat string cheese, turkey jerky, brown rice crackers, rice cakes, single serving nut butter packs, whole food bars (ie: bars that have only a few ingredients and all real foods- ie: larabars, kind bars), dried fruit strips (matt’s munchies are a fav!),
  • portion sizing these snacks will go a long way in keeping you on track… I recommend getting snack size ziplock bags or mini-tupperwares to portion these out before you go


4. Drink lots of water! Water keeps you going, keeps your system in check, gives you energy, and yes makes you get up to pee but it’s good for you! Get an environmentally-friendly refillable water bottle, and keep that thing full at all times at your desk!


Water water water!

5. Put your two cents in: If you want to see some type of wellness program available, submit a request! Or offer to help initiate the program. I know that many companies would love to hear what you as an employee would like to see in a wellness program, they want you there, they want you to be happy, so these types of suggestions benefit both you and your employer.


Walk along the Charles River, gorgeous views all around, you can’t go wrong!


4 responses to “Wellness in the Workplace

  1. These are great tips, but do you have any for non-office work? I’m a nurse, and on my feet all day. So finding time to walk isn’t the issue–it’s more about eating healthy and finding time to exercise. I’m always so exhausted when I get home. I should add that I’m also a single mom to two young kids and money is very tight. Some of the snacks you suggest just don’t fit within my budget. I love your blog though and pictures. It’s very inspiring I just don’t know how to get there. Any help/advice is much appreciated!!

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    • Hi Sara! Absolutely! And thank you so much for the feedback, I appreciate it! I hear you, everyone’s situation is so unique and it can be challenging to find the exact “recipe” for your lifestyle. Snack-wise, I’m all about sales! Check your local grocery, first the fresh produce section and see what fruits & veggies are on sale (usually what is in season). Fresh fruits such as apples, pears, bananas, and oranges tend to be well-priced and are very easy to prepare, cut, and package to go or take as is! Same thing with veggies- baby carrots and celery especially also tend to be well priced, adding a topping such as peanut butter or a low fat cream cheese is a great option to spruce up the flavor πŸ˜‰ If you see sales on whole grain cereals, or crackers those are great to portion out as well, and to add a bit of protein to make a great balanced snack. For a job that really keeps you on your feet, I actually am planning to interview a few of my nursing friends to find out their tips and what works for them, will post that soon! As for the tiredness, I completely understand that is a natural part of being a mom and working, I think a good way to start is to make sure you are eating balanced meals at every meal and drinking a lot of water. It may sound basic but it does truly help to increase your energy levels. Even your awareness into wanting to increase wellness into your day to day is a great way to begin, way to go! I hope this is a good starting point, and will definitely keep this feedback in mind for future posts! Thanks again for the positive feedback and wish you the best of luck!


  2. Great tips! Bringing my lunch and snacks is the key for me to make sure I eat right and don’t have to go out to buy lunch or more food (the options around here aren’t as healthy as what I would bring!).

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