2 Quick Tips for a GREAT Morning:)


Smoothie bowl goodness!

I like to keep it simple, because we all have so much going on that just getting up and going in the morning can sometimes be a struggle. So what are my 2 tips to make every morning a great morning?

  1. Practice a few minutes of mindfulness meditation
  2. Make breakfast

Sounds easy enough right? Believe me when I say these tips can go a LONG way to making your day a better one! So let’s break it down for a moment.


Morning yoga stretches

What is mindfulness meditation? I know I have talked about it before, but we can always use a refresher. Mindfulness meditation can be sitting on your living room floor, cross legged, eyes closed and just letting your mind wander. No phone next to you, your TV is turned off, and no obvious distractions. Just let your mind wander, pay attention to your body, how you feel, what parts are tight and maybe want to be stretched out, if something is sore or hurts, or if you are completely comfortable, recognizing that feeling. There is no magic time for meditation, you can do it for 2 minutes or 20. Whatever is right for you that day. Just to welcome the day aware of your body, your thoughts, and the way you feel. Knowing this will help better guide your day rather than take it on quickly before knowing how you feel. I usually combine my mindfulness meditation with a plank and yoga stretching in the morning, to activate my core muscles and to get my blood moving. I feel energized, fresh and ready to start my day right after!

Breakfast. Even if you are one of those “I don’t eat breakfast” people. Just taking the time to make it, makes a difference. Take it to work, eat it there. Or have it as a late-morning snack. I believe that the act of making breakfast starts our eating pattern for the day. We are aware of what we are preparing, what we will be consuming. Not too long ago, I realized that I spend the most amount of time in my kitchen in the morning, preparing breakfast, snacks and lunch for the day. I think it has tremendously helped me make healthier choices throughout the day, because I am not blindly reaching for whatever is ready and available, I am putting thoughts and energy into it.

Try it! I challenge you… see if you notice a difference in how mornings feel to you πŸ˜‰


More smoothie bowl & cold brew!



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