Finding your “active” wellness


Gorgeous Newburyport

When people ask me about what wellness is, what it means, how it is different from “healthy” or “life coaching” or eating right, I always come back to balance. Wellness is in definition- balance of all aspects of your life that make you a healthier, well person. (see my quick “what is wellness” shpeal). Today I want to focus on the active part.

One of the most important pieces of wellness, what helps put things in balance, is taking care of your body. This equally means eating right, and being active. Focusing on the “active,” pieceΒ I firmly believe that as a species, we humans are not meant to live sedentary lifestyles. We got to be running around, finding the next watering hole, scavenging for food and firewood! Lol- you get the picture. This is incredibly difficult today with corporate office jobs, and lifestyles that encourage us to binge-watch netflix and order in, etc… I do think that at the same time, we have evolved into a culture that also encourages binge exercising, being a part of multiple gyms, tracking our every move, and forgoing the pleasure of exercise to check off a “I better make it to the gym” type of item for the day. Let’s just say it again, it’s all about balance! If you can see that parts of our culture are helping you to be a better person, and you feel good and are healthy, then by all means go for it! If like me- wearing your Fitbit encourages you to be more active, and if being a part of many gyms/studios makes you feel good, then do it! But for many of us,Β it can also be very tricky to find that balance.

So let’s get back to active. Finding the right “active” for you, is to relieve stress, release endorphins, work up a sweat, and just feel good about yourself. I always encourage people to find their right “active,” whatever form will suit them the best. We are fortunate that we are living in a culture that thrives on so many different forms of “active.” So many choices! Whether it be yoga, cycling, hiking, running, swimming, boxing, cross fit, barre, pilates, walking, the list goes on and on- I challenge you to take it upon yourself to find your right active.

For me, hands down it was running. I am so fortunate to have re-ignited that spark in myself and be inspired by amazing friends around me who were runners. I am so lucky to be living in Boston, a city and culture that thrives on being active, and especially running. Today for example was pretty incredible. It got up to 65 degrees (on FEB 1!!!!), and I went for a 3 mile runch (run lunch time, and then eat after). I saw so so many fellow Bostonians, runners, joggers, walkers, skippers, everyone seemed to be out to enjoy the beautiful day! And I was once again reminded of how much I love my “active” and to feel so good and like I am doing something that is challenging, but makes me so happy. My “active” balance to the running is yoga. Without yoga and stretching, I could not be a strong runner and calm my muscles down. And my “active” cross training is cycling. It is a constant challenge for me, not my go-to, but I know it makes me stronger also, so I respect it.


Views of the Charles River from today’s runch πŸ˜‰

See? You can have many “actives!” But trying to focus on one main one, will help direct you in maintaining your balanced overall wellness. Finding your “active” shouldn’t be a chore. It should be a normal part of your everyday routine, something you look forward to, something that invigorates you, refreshes you, and inspires and challenges you. So get out there, find your active, and let me know how it goes! I love hearing your stories, challenges and adventures πŸ™‚



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