Beach Day Zen Day

Florida weather in January is unbelievable weather and was just perfect for a zen day. Leaving Boston for trips during the winter months is something I highly recommend. Just getting out, getting a change of scenery, and the warm weather and sunshine helps too πŸ˜‰ Definitely was a welcome getaway and I did feel zen, who wouldn’t with these views?

I got some gorgeous beach runs in, fresh foods, family time, and exploring Miami beach 😍 I came back feeling refreshed and zen ✨

If you can get away, or even if you can’t, just trying to place yourself temporarily in an environment that inspires zen, calm and relaxing feelings is critical for your mind to unwind. Taking a bath, reading a good book, preparing a healthy meal, taking a scenic walk, or going on a quick trip/vacation… these are all ways to try to get to that zen place ❀️ How do you zen?


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