Vitamin C & Immunity Booster! aka ELIXIR

I hereby declare that this recipe shall now always be reffered to as *ELIXIR* 🙂

I saw this recipe circling online and decided to give it a go, especially as we are going back and forth between weather changes; Boston, Quebec, Boston, Florida, Boston… A lot of traveling in one month! It’s been so fun, but I am always trying to think a step ahead and especially in winter when people around me are catching colds left and right. So this recipe seemed to have all the right stuff 😉

– slice 1-2 lemons
– grate 2 tbs fresh ginger
– add either slices of 1 large orange, or the juice squeezed from it
– 3 tsp tumeric
– 2 tbs honey (or agave for a vegan version)

Mix all of these ingredients together, seal in a glass mason jar, and refrigerate. When you want to make the drink, add 1 heaping tablespoon of the mixture to a cup of boiling water, sip sip enjoy!

*If you use fresh squeezed juice, I would keep this concoction in the fridge for about a week, just using slices of the citrus might be able to make it last longer.



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