Welcoming 2016!

Starting 2016 with our journey up North!


At the Montreal winter festival!




The stunning Chateau Frontenac in Quebec

So we are back and settled! Well for the most part πŸ˜‰ Spent a lovely New Year’s up north (yes more north than Boston!) in beautiful Montreal and Quebec- the true winter wonderlands!


The wintry drive to Quebec



Winter forest drive

There is something so beautiful and special about these cities, other than the fact that you feel like you are not in America, but Quebec especially feels like some small village outside of Paris- no English signage, amazing to die-for food, and a culture of people who have learned to embrace winter and the cold weather, and actually seem to thrive on it. Perhaps what I have been doing in Boston for the past 6 winters? πŸ˜‰


Celebrations in Montreal


Though I have never really believed in New Years “resolutions” (I believe we should try to be our best versions of ourselves all year round!), I do recognize that it is a great way to check in with ourselves and how we are doing, what we have accomplished and how far we want to go…Β  This past week in Canada, it really was a perfect opportunity to really check in, refresh, revitalize, and embrace what 2016 will bring!


Perfect shot of D & I as we are heading into our first Nordic Spa experience… he’s all ready in shorts… (notice it’s snowing!)

Focusing on being the best version of ourselves, I wish to ring you all in with a happy and healthy new year! Bring it on 2016, I can’t wait to see what you have in store! πŸ™‚


of COURSE I found green smoothies in Montreal πŸ˜‰



Impromptu yogurt, fruit & nut bowl in Quebec! Almond milk latte of course



Maple taffy!! Poured maple syrup on ice, dip sticks in and eat like taffy πŸ˜‰


Best for last-Β Β Β  Frite Alors!!


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