My Top 5 Healthy Boston Lunch Spots


As we are “on-the-go” so much of the time, I find myself always trying to plan ahead for nearby lunch options, healthy snacks to pack, what kind of activity I can do for the day, etc. Planning ahead is the best way to ensure living healthy on the day to day. But just in case we are rushing, last minute, plan-changes, etc, it is always good to have a few back up options for healthy lunch spots while on the go without too much thought. These are my current top 5 in Boston right now:

#1 – Sweetgreen: Not really a surprise right? πŸ˜‰ My go-to for an always fabulous healthy salad, fresh ingredients, and enough to take home for later. 3 locations already in downtown Boston and growing! *personal faves are the hummus tahini, the spicy sabzi and the wild child!
#2 – Life Alive Cafe: Technically in Cambridge but so close anyways, I LOVE Life Alive! I always leave feeling healthier and better than when I walked in. The salads are amazing, they grow many of their herbs and ingredients in house, and always have many amazing options. *personal faves are The Explorer and The Warrior!
#3 – b.good: Their bowls! Kale & grain bowls, as well as amazing salad bowls. Real, fresh, locally sourced ingredients make this really genuine, healthy, “fast food.” *personal faves are the harvest kale salad, and the spicy avocado & lime bowl!
#4- Trident Cafe: A true favorite of mine, Trident offers a variety of salads, wraps, and fresh made juices and smoothies that are simply delicious, with whole fresh ingredients. Also, the fact that it is also an awesome bookstore makes the overall experience so great:) *personal faves are the beet & arugula salad, hummus plate, and Gail’s Kale juice!
#5 – Boloco: For the burrito bowls. Always happy and proud to support our local businesses! I LOVE the Boloco bowls, they always have fresh ingredients, many veggies to choose from, seasonal veggies, and a variety of protein options. *personal fave is the goloco- make your own bowl with a ton of fresh veggies, black beans, and brown rice!

As always, eating healthy on the go is very do-able, it’s just about making smart healthy decisions where you are, and trying to plan ahead with snacks and back up plans. Try my top 5 (if you haven’t already!) and let me know what you think πŸ˜‰ Some food for thought as we enter 2016!



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