How goal setting can get very you far… in running, or just about anything in life :) 

 Seen a few of these lately either yourself or from your runner friends? The drawing for the United NYC half marathon just happened last week, and I along with many others eagerly awaited the results online and that email to come into our inbox that our status has been “accepted” and we are in for the race this March!

This will be my 4th half marathon, and after taking a hiatus since the Boston marathon last April, I am beyond excited to start training again and have a solid goal in mind. I want to go into the impact goal setting has had on me personally- athletically, healthfully, and mentally. For more details about actual training and any detail you could possibly want to know about running, check out my other blog- 😉

So goal setting, sounds easy enough- guess what? It is! I found that for me, setting small daily goals was helpful, because as we all know, small, measurable, and attainable goals are truly how we achieve success over time. However, to achieve optimum athletic performance (which to be honest, I never really knew how much I liked the challenge and journey to it), I needed to set a larger, more difficult goal. So about 3 and a half years ago, I signed up for my first half marathon. And with tremendous effort and dedication, I achieved my goal – which was to run it without stopping. Since then, my goals have grown larger, become more challenging, and I absolutely relish in the journey, competitive spirit, and joy of finishing and achieving said goal.

Beautiful Boston Public Garden

The impact like I say, can be tremendous, so setting similar patterns of goals in overall life health, wellness, and mental awareness had been a bigger part of this journey.

In life and mental health, setting small goals is the only way to keep our sanity. We are constantly overwhelmed and bombarded with work, family, relationships, friendships, challenges, accomplishments, failures… It can be a lot for any one soul to handle. But breaking it down, and thinking about what small goals can help us get to where we want to be; or if we are content with our lives- what small goals can help us maintain this level of contentment, it is the way to be smart and set options, not barriers for success.

Look at it this way:
1. See your “great goal”
2. Map out your goal, find a path to meet it by setting smaller, attainable goals
3. Celebrate your achievements along the way!
4. You will find that reaching your “great goal” is not as hard as you think, and setting the path of smaller goals makes the journey more fulfilling

In wellness, in our society, the pressures of physical appearance, foods, activity, etc are nothing short of stressful and quite literally, weight bearing. There is a delicate balance between being happy and fully accepting where you are in your health and wellness, but also taking care of your body inside and out, so that you can be the best you can be. We have one life after all, why not live it as healthy and as well as possible? I find the goal setting however for wellness to be the most challenging, because they are goals that impact our bodies first- which impact the rest of ourselves. See? It seems challenging! But is actually very simple. Take care of your body and mind… And everything else will fall into place. Small, attainable, self-loving goals are the specific key to success in wellness.

So for ny next adventure? NYC half marathon round 2 for me (first time I ran it, I actually ran injured), and I’m looking forward to the goal setting and challenges it will bring 🙂 and I wish the same for you. Happy Monday guys!


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