Breakfast of Champs

Breakfast is absolutely my favorite meal of the day, and whether you think it to be cliche or not, it really is the most critical meal in my opinion for these 3 main reasons:


This morning’s gloriousness: earl grey tea, beet smoothie, 6 grain bread with almond butter, fresh figs, fried egg and sauteed zucchini

  1. It gets you fueled to start the day: like a car or an engine on empty, this is how you are when you wake up. If I am getting ready for a full day of work, I need something to get me going and going strong- for energy, endurance, vitamin boosts, everything to have a positive start to the day.
  2. It sets your mindfulness/expectations for the days meals: I find that when taking the time to actually prepare and eat breakfast- I am engaging in mindful activity by default. When you prepare or cook foods, you are thinking about what you are making, what ingredients you are putting into your body, you are thinking about tastes, flavors, quality, and nutrition. I notice that when I take the time to prepare a solid breakfast, I am way more conscious and mindful of my hungry/full feelings and my food options for the rest of the day. The number one thing I hear is that “I don’t have time for breakfast” or “I can’t eat a lot in the morning” – my response? Make time, wake up 15 minutes earlier, you will be better set for the rest of the day. And if you can’t eat a lot in the morning, still make breakfast, taste it, and take it to go. You will still be mindful and appreciative of the time you put into it, and will be thinking more about your meal options and decisions for the day.
  3. It is the best variety of foods! Seriously! Quiche, huevos rancheros, smoothies, beautiful fresh fruit, whole grain waffles with maple syrup, 3 ingredient banana pancakes, french toast, yogurt, spinach and cheese burekas – all the best foods!! (in my humble opinion πŸ˜‰

If you make it anΒ effort to live a conscious and mindful morning, your day will beginΒ positive and strong. Waking up to sunlight, yoga/stretching, making breakfast… all ingredients to guarantee a healthier, happier, you πŸ˜‰





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