Fall city views by foot

Canals of Amsterdam

My favorite thing to do while traveling? Walking & eating of course πŸ˜‰ The best way to see a city in my opinion is to walk it, or as much around it as possible. Luckily, for the trip we are currently on, we chose very walkable cities: London, Amsterdam, Brussels & Paris 😍 almost halfway through now, and we have already logged 43 miles of walking!! (My feet aren’t that tired… Yet ha) I have already visited a couple of these cities, but not for at least a decade, so I am thoroughly enjoying seeing them all over again by foot!

Choosing cities/destinations that are walkable, or that you can easily identify some great activities to partake in (i.e.: sea for swimming, kayaking, mountains in winter for skiing, snowhiking, etc) are truly the best way to ensure you will have amesomely active and enjoyable travels 😍 and of course brought my handy travel yoga mat to start my days stretched and mentally in “vacation” mode.

Hyde park

London in the fall was so beautiful- walking though Hyde park and Kensington gardens were something out of a fairytale – color changing leaves everywhere and the weather was perfect for a jacket and sometimes a scarf.

Hyde park

Amsterdam was beyond perfect, and also I found more health conscious than I knew beforehand. It was easy to find healthy food options all over. Almond milk lattes, fruit & veggie juices were available and plentiful!

More gorgeous canals

We head to Brussels today, will update with more healthy travel tips! In the meanwhile, go outside, enjoy the fresh fall air, and be grateful – to be here, now, in the moment, the present, happy, healthy and alive ❀️

Cheers! xx


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