How to be healthy… and travel?

How to be healthy while traveling? I have encountered this question multiple times in the past, when I am traveling, on vacation, paying no attention to what kinds of exercises (or lack thereof) I am participating in, no caution or consideration to foods I am eating, overindulgence in drinking… you name it. Haven’t we all been there? Let’s be honest. And the end result is the same every time, I come home, not necessarily feeling that great, and maybe a bit upset with myself that I didn’t make healthier choices while I was traveling. Well, how things have changed! I absolutely believe in moderation, there is nothing wrong with letting yourself have a break and let loose. But there is a fine line between letting go and enjoying yourself and coming back feeling refreshed, versus overindulging in everything and feeling sick and very unsatisfied when you return home. In the past few years, I have developed ways to be more healthy and well while traveling, and I’ll tell you- the number 1? MINDFULNESS

So here are some tips I have gathered, with a bit on each one πŸ™‚

  1. Be Mindful = pay attention to where you are, what you are doing, how you are eating, utilizing your body and mind to achieve an optimal travel experience.
  2. Eat healthy = I will not be turning down my macarons, steaks and crumpets on this trip, but I will be balancing each of these delightful experiences with healthy ones – meals of whole foods, vegetables, proteins, and whole grains. There is nothing wrong with being a full part of the experience you are in! Eat the food! But balance it with healthy options before and after. And notice when your body is full (mindfulness!) and you are less likely to “overindulge” and kick yourself later.
  3. Fill your activities with walking & the stairs! = One of the best ways to travel and explore cities is to walk! Walk walk walk- everywhere! And is honestly my favorite way to explore. Take the stairs, skip the escalators. Cliche! But how many times do you notice yourself still getting on the escalator and watching the people walk on the stairs, do it!
  4. Stretch, every day = For me, this will mean still doing my morning yoga routine, and also stretching at the end of the day before bed. Extensive amounts of walking can make you stiff, you want to enjoy yourself! Remember to stretch πŸ˜‰
  5. Happy mind = Remember, you are traveling! Be happy! No matter where in the world, traveling is a way to break out of your day to day routine, and observe and embrace other cultures and subcultures (even when just traveling a state away). Think happy thoughts, and you will be happy, and come back happy!

Happy & safe travels!! ✈️

traveling yoga mat


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