Food & Friendship


Thoughts on food and friendships/relationships today ❤️ I spent yesterday evening celebrating a dear friends birthday dinner, and was just reminded of the importance of foods and how it brings people together. Food is love, it really is! Think about all of the events that we plan to see family, friends, and loved ones and how they usually involve food. I love it. I know that it brings happiness and joy – literally to the table, and even better helps us foster and nourish our relationships. It is all made better of course when you cook good wholesome food, or eat at restaurants or places that serve whole healthy meals, and support local farmers and local foods. Dinner last night was truly a treat, this fig & mushroom flatbread was so delicious, and I will definitely be back for more!

We are leaving for vacation tomorrow, abroad to the UK and Europe, and I literally CAN NOT WAIT to experience all of the beautiful, amazing and healthy food culture with my love! Will post health-ful travel tips shortly for those of you wondering how to be healthy and well while traveling. For the love of food, cheers to you!!



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