Eating healthy & the importance of Food Prep!


Prepping a delicious sweet potato here: to roast for a salad topper, to make sweet potato chips out of, to mash as a side…. sky is the limit!

I hear many excuses about why people “can’t” eat healthy throughout the day. You may have heard some of these, or think these from time to time:
“I have no time to make lunch”
“I barely have time to move from my desk, let alone walk to a healthy place for lunch, the pizza shop is right around the corner””I don’t crave healthy foods, I just want something quick!” …
“One bad meal won’t hurt…”

And the list goes on… Well I have had some of these thoughts before too in the past. And all I have to say is, being healthy is a lifestyle. It’s a decision you make over and over again every day. It’s not always easy, but I promise, you do see and feel changes. And every little change and decision does count. So if you think “one healthy meal” won’t make a difference, it does. So here are my solutions to these problems… FOOD PREP!! Seriously! Don’t underestimate it! The more you prepare beforehand, the less of an issue these things will be. For example, these types of food preparation can go a long way for the busy office/city life:

  • once a week chop veggies & fruits and pre-package them to store in the fridge for snacks for easy grab & goΒ  throughout the week (ex: carrots, apples, celery, pears, bell pepper), add miniature containers of greek yogurt, hummus, almond butter, etc for dipping
  • make your own trail mix: mix dried fruit, nuts, seeds, and dark chocolate in small baggies for additional on-the-go snacks and energy (ex my favorite mix: raw almonds, cashews, coconut, raisins, chopped dried figs, pepitas, dark chocolate bits)
  • make salad for a several lunch meals: I like to make a big salad with veggies in season one night for lunch meals for the next few days. Leave the dressing on the side and it will last! Make sure to add beans, chicken, fish or tofu for protein to make it a filling meal.
  • rotisserie chicken- my all time favorite for food prep! They are amazing meal-planning helpers. One rotisserie chicken gets me homemade chicken salad for sandwiches or to eat with crackers, shredded chicken tacos, chicken chili and chicken as a salad topper. They are amazing and such great value for the amount of meals and ideas you can make!
  • brown rice- similar to the chicken. Brown rice can be added to salad, veggies, meat, stuffed bell peppers, etc and make a filling healthy meal. You can make one big pot and get several meals out of it.
  • frozen leftovers: whenever I make meals in large batches, I freeze them in portion baggies (items like chili, spaghetti squash with homemade bolognese, BBQ chicken, etc) and these make quick and easy to go items that I can heat up at lunch at work or for dinner a night I don’t have time to cook. Also, if you buy fruit and you don’t want it to go bad, freeze it!! Wonderful additions to smoothies πŸ™‚
  • have solid backups- things like whole grain bread with almond butter and all natural jam, oatmeal,

You get the gist?? So here are your solutions with Food Prep:

“I have no time to make lunch” = I already made salad for days….
“I barely have time to move from my desk, let alone walk to a healthy place for lunch, the pizza shop is right around the corner” = I have baggies of snacks – my veggies & dips, trail mix, and leftover frozen spaghetti squash I can heat up in 2 minutes.
“I don’t crave healthy foods, I just want something quick!” … Start to munch on fruit & veggie snacks, make a big salad a part of everyday, and you will notice your body start to crave cleaner, healthier foods.
“One bad meal won’t hurt…” Not necessarily, but a good meal will do wonders for your body and mind. And if you have prepared your food, this isn’t an issue πŸ˜‰


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