Possibly one of the BEST times of the year… and for sure a personal favorite. Not to mention that this year is the best apple harvest in 15 years as told to me today by our friends at the awesome Russell Orchards in Ipswich. The thing that is so greatΒ about apple picking, is that it brings you back to authentic farm life. You see where the produce comes from, how it is growing, how the harvest was this year. You see the animals freely running around the land, looking happy and content. The air is crisp and energetic, the pumpkin patches are orange and bright. Hot apple cider awaits you inside the cider house, and warm, light and sweet apple cider donuts scents waft at you from all corners. OH EM YUM!

Today we took the walking trail (there is also a hayride/tractor available), and got to see all the varieties available, as well as got a beautiful stroll through the orchards. Russell Orchards has become a tradition to us, and their down home, family feel is something we look forward to and welcome every year (multiple times a year!).

So if you have the opportunity, go in on a zipcar with a few friends, or borrow a ride from someone- and head out to go apple picking. Such a quintessential New England experience, and especially this year, you won’t regret it! Some pretty fantastic apple recipes to come soon, happy picking!



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