Ways to form Yoga habits

Yoga. So many variations, styles and practices! Finding one that you like, and making yoga a part of your routine can help with stretching, lengthening, strengthening, increasing blood flow, reducing blood pressure, mindfulness, posture awareness, and especially helping you and your whole body relax. So how do we make yoga fit into our busy lives? As with any type of positive habit building, start small. Even if it’s a tiny step… For example, about a year ago, I started setting my alarm about 10 minutes early. A drag, I know! But now I have gotten so used to it. I wake up, go the carpet on our living room floor and start a plank/high pushup pose. I try to hold it a bit longer each time, and it has done wonders in strengthening my core, and relieving my lower back pain. Then I proceed to do some basic yoga stretching to warm up my body, get my blood moving, and get my energy going for the day. 10 minutes… seriously! And voila- you have formed a habit. Now even when traveling, I grab a towel and do the same when I’m not at home. It’s become a great habit and makes me feel like I have started the day off right.

In addition, I try to make it to a yoga class about once a week, like this morning. I am totally obsessed with our new yoga studio in Charlestown- Asana. They offer wonderfully relaxing yoga classes and awesome but-kicking barre classes for toning. I highly recommend it!

So give it a go! Start small- 10 minutes a day to start your morning off right, or while you’re vegging out watching TV, download some easy yoga poses here and try them out. I guarantee you will notice yourself more flexible, stronger, walking and sitting a bit straighter, and much more. See if you can challenge yourself to add a minute of practice every week. More health yoga benefits to check out here πŸ™‚



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